Enterprise IoT LoRaWAN Training Bootcamp

Swisscom offers the only nationwide network for the Internet of Things in Switzerland: the Low Power Network (LPN). It is designed for the transmission of small amounts of data independently of the electrical network and forms the basis for smart cities, energy-efficient buildings, machine-to-machine networking and new digital applications. The Low Power Network is based on the open LoRaWAN industry standard (www.lora-alliance.org).

In the LPN Bootcamp you will learn about the functionality of the network as well as do a technical deep dive on Hardware and Software Integration. You will get a hands-on training on how to set up your own LPN based solution.

The LPN Bootcamp is designed for solution providers, system integrators and hardware providers who are already in the preliminary concept state.

Topics for the day
> Why Swisscom & LoRaWAN technology
> LoRa technology deep dive
    –  Details of LoRaWAN (network topology, classes of nodes, frame format, security schemes, etc.)
>  Learn to use the LPN connectivity management platform and self-service possibilities
    –  How to do onboarding and use keys and addresses
    –  How to activate and deactivate devices over-the-air or activate-by personalization
    –  Software integration including code samples
    –  Get hands-on coding & compiling training
> Perform first application with LoRaWAN
> Q&A

In 2019 we offer four LPN bootcamps which are held either in German or English:
 16th January - GER
 20th March - ENG
  5th June - GER
 25th September - ENG


*The cancellation period is 1 week. We ask for a written cancellation to: anika.berens@swisscom.com. In the case of a cancellation at short notice, we can only refund 50% of the course fees. Thank you very much for your understanding.

LoRaWAN Bootcamps 2020

CHF 400.00
CHF 400.00

LPN Bootcamp in Zürich, 25. September (E)

CHF 400.00

(geschlossen) LPN Bootcamp in Zürich, 5. Juni (D)

5. Juni - Ohne Dev-Gateway
CHF 400.00

(geschlossen) LPN Bootcamp in Bern, 20. März (E)

20. März 2019 - Ohne Dev-Gateway
CHF 400.00

(geschlossen) LPN Bootcamp in Zürich, 16. Januar (D)